Friday, September 18, 2009

in the throes of summer's end

edgar froese - pinnacles (baldelli edit)

A gorgeous edit by baldelli of a solo track by ex-tangerine dream member froese, blissful midtempo cosmic which baldelli sped up and added female vocals to.

Been meaning to post this for a while and was reminded when I awoke from a nap on that small hillock of grand street ferry park, where it was blaring through a PA on a shimmering sunday down by the river, in the throes of summer's end. Boats and bridges caught by the glaring light of late afternoon.

The pinnacle is the place where everything can be seen and nothing can be done. To catch sight of the world as a whole, one must be far away, where the things of the world can't be touched. On the peak, one is like a lord without any powers, but at the same time, one can taste again a certain fount of strength that sometimes becomes obscured by the world's noise. The binds of life, its habits, its inertia, its routines, slacken their grip, and one can for a time move freely among them, measuring, evaluating, seeing them with noble disinterest. Summer is the pinnacle of the seasons; when it finds its end, one is again at the foot of the mountain, far from the peak, down again among the things of man.

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