Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A super-dope reissue of a Belgian New Wave group called Allez-Allez is now out on Eskimo records. Very post-punky dance-y with tribal beats and steely production. Definitely recommended if you need some more ESG/Liquid Liquid goodness in your life - but while there's definitely a connect to that NY brittle & bare-bones skeleton funk, the Allez-Allez sound is much deeper and well, bearded. Also good if you're into Bow Wow Wow, the Slits and other female-lead angular tribal jams. Finally, it's no wonder that the reissue comes with a slew of dope remixes by key bearded/space disco dudes: Quiet Village, Aeroplane, Optimo and Lindstrom.

Here's the flagship track, and also the Lindstrom/Prins Thomas remix, which is a pretty stellar object lesson in how to remix a track. It reminds me that electronic music production is more akin to building an automobile than anything else: it's a matter of fitting parts together, testing it for speed and endurance, and then hitting the open road.

"Allez-Allez (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)"

Oh and coincidentally/not coincidentally, Allez-Allez is also the name of a great UK DJ team. Check out there website where they get new artists all the time to post guest mixes, latest is from Low Motion Disco who turn in a mix featuring David Byrne and Panda Bear:

Allez-Allez DJ website

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