Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ridin' High Podcast 12.16.08: Night Plane

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track list:

night plane - anatomy lessons
le pamplemousse - le spank
animal collective - my girls (np I need a leak mix)
la pena - A1 (white label)
sis - nesrib
vanity 6 - nasty girl
nite jewel - weak 4 me
booka shade - sweet lies (patrick baumel remix)
love & rockets - so alive
connie chase - get down
pulp - do you remember the first time? (np save a piece for me mix)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1. me. plus khia screwed, I'll admit. plus some other stuff I'm not telling you what.
2. some disco jam.
3. the lyrics to this animal collective chorus could be a J.Lo song. I mean that in the best possible way. Does anyone know if animal collective has any songs about sex? Seems like most of their songs have this virginal innocence about them, in a beach boys way, in a prelapsian world prior to sexual difference. Could there some animal collective lover's rock? I doubt it. But I wish there could be because it would be awesome. Oh wait: "open up your open up your open up your throat." nevermind.
4. White label cuban-latin house put out by the same guys who are Einzelkind. They were raised in Cuba but emigrated to Frankfurt. The rule these days is, if you want to have a deep latin house track, it has to have the word 'pena' in the title.
5. some deep house with an infectious looped vocal sample.
6. is it cruel to bring this in for like a minute? that's kind of all I wanted to hear of it. the 'nesrib' sample reminded me of it for some reason. I don't like to drop random shit in too much, because then it sounds like girl talk or something.
7. i didn't mean to go 80s pop, it was nesrib's fault. Nite Jewel is cool, she's a lo-fi bedroom singer from LA who has stuff on Italians Do It Better. It sounds a bit like Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam but underwater. Or like if you took beach house-y narco-haze and applied it to 80s girl pop instead of 70s folk rock.
8. this booka shade remix is seriously the business. It has a wonderfully oscillating tightly-delayed synth, really abstract for a while, and then it plunges into full new order gloom-pop, complete with those gorgeous tinny pads.
9. and it goes sick with nite jewel and 'so alive,' which is also my jam. I first heard it on the bus in tenth grade at some theater competition, after I made out with shanna dawson.
10. I don't know anything about this song.
11. there should be more house remixes of pulp. I have a specific person in mind every time I hear this song. (not you)

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